Since its establishment in 2003, Elamicom has focused its efforts on developing its VoIP termination services with the aim of growing its portfolio in parallel to the company’s expansion.

Today, Elamicom specializes in 4 core areas namely :

Voice Termination

Elamicom has developed international VoIP termination solutions to cater to its customers’ needs, helping them build direct connections with their strategic destinations at excellent rates. Our main service features include :

Quality VoIP services at best market rates
Excellent customer support
IP and TDM connections

Electronic Voucher Distribution

Our main Service Features includes:
- Operators
- AirTime

Direct Interconnections

Elamicom eliminates the need for any intermediary in the routing process by providing direct interconnections to its customers’ changing destinations. Some of our main advantages in this area are :

Updated A-to-Z lists
Ongoing monitoring and testing
Flexible payment terms

Gateway Management

Centralizing your gateway management tasks will allow you a better control over your revenues and losses while fully profiting from expanding your interconnections’ network. Our key responsibilities in this area are :

 Revenue Assurance
 Fraud Management
 Rating, Routing and Billing
 Reliable call completion at competitive prices
 Simplified interconnection model
 Advanced LCR system

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